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how we learn-benedict carey-9780230767799

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This book will help you to learn Spanish – or the Spanish guitar – faster. This book will give an athlete the edge to turn Silver into Gold. This book will give any child the chance to perform better in exams. Full stop. How We Learn is a landmark book that shakes up everything we thought we knew about how the brain absorbs and retains information. Filled with powerful – and often thrillingly counter-intuitive – wisdom, stories and practical tips, it gets to the very heart of the learning process; and gives us the keys to reach our very fullest potential in every walk of life. ‘This book is a revelation. I feel as if I’ve owned a brain for 54 years and only now discovered the operating manual …Benedict Carey serves up fascinating, surprising and valuable discoveries with clarity, wit, and heart.’ Mary Roach, bestselling author of Stiff ‘Whether you struggle to remember a client’s name, aspire to learn a new language, or are a student battling to prepare for the next test, this book is a must. I know of no other source that pulls together so much of what we know about the science of memory, and couples it with practical, practicable advice.’ Daniel T. Willingham, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia ‘Buy this book for yourself and for anyone who wants to learn faster and better.’ Daniel Coyle, bestselling author of The Talent Code ‘As fun to read as it is important, and as much about how to live as it is about how to learn. Benedict Carey’s skills as a writer, plus his willingness to mine his own history as a student, give the book a wonderful narrative quality that makes it all the more accessible – and all the more effective as a tutorial.’ Robert A. Bjork, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California

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    how we learn-benedict carey-9780230767799

    Detalles del libro HOW WE LEARN


    Datos del libro

    • Nº de páginas: 272 págs.
    • Lengua: INGLÉS
    • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda bolsillo
    • ISBN: 9780230767799
    • Año edición: 2014

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